Profitable Growth - in full compliance!

The overall business focus of SOLVING is the pragmatic and hands-on support of our customers in systematically identifying and exploiting growth potentials - always respecting superior compliance and ethical standards (growth with full integrity)


We have developed a very specific approach that leads to a rapid time to benefit, tangible and lasting top-and bottom-line impact.


All our concepts and initiatives will be put to the compliance and ethical acid test by us or our (legal) partners.

All enabling areas will be aligned with the critical success factors.


Our profound and - market-wise - since the beginning of the 2000+ years highly acknowledged compliance-competency guarantees high ethical and legal/compliance standards of project results.

Our international and operative experience assures that the project-results and initiatives can and will be implemented and are easily accepted in the organization.

Due to  considerable number of projects in the area of compliance, medical, marketing and sales we are qualified to deliver holistic solutions and results which meet - at any time - high ethical, medical and scientific requirements.

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Psychoactive compound to advance research in treatment of depressive disorders (Mi, 20 Okt 2021)
Lucid-PSYCH is a psychoactive compound potentially viable for the treatment of major depressive disorders
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Biotage acquires DNA synthesis and purification company ATDBio (Wed, 20 Oct 2021)
ATDBio adds important platform solutions to Biotage within DNA and RNA oligonucleotide synthesis and purification
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Scancell gains new facilities at The Oxford Science Park (Tue, 19 Oct 2021)
Scancell has taken new laboratory and office space in the Bellhouse Building at TOSP
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