Typical problem-areas where we provide concrete support and solutions

  • Sales-growth and market-share expansion in specific markets or for precisely defined products or indications / segments
  • Increased profitability in defined markets, business units or for certain products 
  • Systematic increase in performance and effectivensss in Marketing or the Sales Force 
  • (Re-) Structuring of the Sales Force, improvement of Sales Force Design, potential-oriented resource deployment and implementation of new Sales Force structures and processes (size and structure, deployment, allocation)
  • Assurance of Compliance in the Company or in specific areas in full market-orientation and without over-administration 
  • Optimization of resource allocation in important functions or processes qualitatively and quantitatively, based on objective WORKLOAD Analyses 
  • Successful preparation for aggressive competitor product-launch or promotional initiatives to defend market positions and market-shares 
  • Implementation or optimization of segmentation, profiling and targeting on priority target groups 
  • etc.